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If you want to find girls in LA,we don’t recommend going the nightclub route. There’s just too much competition. Less traditional venues like the ballroom and salsa scene and volunteer organization events are quite promising.

Dance Class

There is a huge salsa scene in the City of Angels, but they don’t welcome beginners everywhere. You can try the Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association for ballroom, tango, swing, and other classes. There’s also Arthur Murray in Sherman Oaks and Third Street Dance for ballroom dancing. You shouldn’t rule country line dancing. In Long Beach, the Cowboy Country Saloon has free lessons and welcomes singles of all ages.  

Volunteer Events

If you’re looking to meet girls in LA, the ratio of men to women at volunteer events is said to be 1:20. The number of single young women is astounding. You could meet that special someone and do the world some good at the same time.

Volunteers at Habitat for Humanity construct homes for the economically disadvantaged. If you’re environmentally conscious, Tree People cares for the nature and trees in the city. Volunteers at the People Concern serve meals on the West Side to homeless people.

Nowhere are there more single women than Much Love Animal Rescue. Every Sunday on Santa Monica’s Main Street, members show the animals they’ve rescued.

In-Person Dating

Wary of dating sites and apps? There are many reasons to be. Often, the good vibe you got when you were chatting online isn’t quite there when you meet in person. Another disadvantage of online dating is being judged by your profile picture in less than five seconds. You’re not going to get a satisfying outcome if your picture is bad or, worse yet, you’re simply not photogenic.

If you’re not interested in online dating for these or other reasons, you’d be glad to know it’s not hard to meet someone in person in LA. One option is through’s real-life events, which you can sign up for if you’re a member of the platform. The fee is quite affordable. Events range from ski trips to bar mixers. No matter which option you go for, many of the women at your event of choice will also be there to meet a guy. Striking up a conversation won’t be out of place.