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Traveling by bus in Canada and the US at large is safe, affordable, and reliable. There are many bus companies and it will be hard to determine which is better than the other. Below are some of the best bus companies to travel:

Greyhound Canada

Greyhound Canada is the largest bus company in Canada. It serves central and west Canada and also to and from the United States. The buses are well maintained, comfortable and clean and you may also find the following amenities:

  • Onboard toilet
  • Air conditioning system
  • Reclining seats
  • Onboard movies
  • Free WiFi

Coach Canada

Coach Canada has been in operation for over 60 years and provides safe and reliable transport for their customers. The company schedules affordable intercity travels across Ontario and Quebec and the charges can be as low as $10. Whenever you need to visit your friends or family, this is among the most dependent bus companies.

 Whether you need airport transportation, sightseeing, contract services, or charter services, Coach Canada offers these and more.


Do you want a bus that has a double- decker and one that will make your journey memorable? Megabusis a great choice. The bus company was first established in the UK in 2003, then moved to the US in 2006.  Megabus is in partnership with coach Canada to offer intercity bus services at affordable rates.

You will enjoy free WiFi and onboard movies throughout the journey which will make your journey memorable.

Maritime Bus

This bus company operated in Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and in Nova Scotia. In addition to providing commuter services, you will also enjoy same day parcel delivery services. The services are available every day and you do not have a reason to miss that important appointment.

Different bus companies will serve different routes, have varying schedules, and charge different prices. Your choice will depend on your location, the time you need to travel, and the bus schedule. For most bus companies in Canada, the cost will be less compared to other means of transport.

The comfort and the special amenities you will enjoy when traveling by bus such as onboard movies and free wifi. You will never have a dull moment when traveling by bus.