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Why do people love having sex in public (On a Bus in particular)?

For some individuals, the thrill of public sex is a big turn-on. Sex in public is a very popular way to have sex because it’s so daring and forbidden that it brings many a great sexual rush. So why is this type of sex so popular?

They Like the Rush

Many people that engage in sex on a bus, in a park or at other location do so because of they like the rush. On a bus, for instance, there are often people around them and the thrill of having sex in front of other individuals can be too much for some people and they just have to engage in the act. Bathrooms are also another place people like to have public sex, especially in clubs because of the rush of it. You know that you can get caught but the rush is what drives you to have sex in different locations.

Popular Locations

There are quite a few popular locations for outdoor sex such as the bus, park, movie theatre, parking lot, at the beach, movies, public pool, and even at work. When on a bus, the participants enjoy the fact that they may be watching doing the deed as the bus is a cramped location. It’s more for the thrill than anything else.

Eliminates Sexual Boredom

Some people get bored with sex and want to spice things up so public sex can be a great way to add spice and variety to a person’s sex life. It can be very thrilling to add new places to have sex and the thrill can eliminate the sexual boredom and bring new excitement to a relationship for many.

Live Out Fantasies

Many people have fantasies about sex in public but never live them out. People that engage in this sort of sex may just be living out a fantasy that they have had for a long time. They have taken their fantasty to the next level by actual engaging in sex outdoors instead of just talking about it.

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